Course Info. & Paper Registration

Why a 2.2 miler?  Since Jonathon died at the age of 22 we thought this would be one more unique way to honor him.  We are hoping it will inspire all of you who feel a little intimidated by the traditional 5K to come and participate.  There will be no individual timing of this event, but we will have the big timing clock at the finish for you runners who want to monitor your time.  The less money we spend on renting timing equipment allows us to give that much more money towards research.  We are hoping many runners as well as walkers will help us make this event a huge success!  We will also be holding a .4 mile ‘Penguin Trot’ fun run for the kids.
                                        Jonathon running Grandma's marathon in 2007
Early registration helps us tremendously with our planning and t-shirt order.  If you are concerned about registering early and then not being able to make it, just remember your money is going to a great cause and we will work something out with you to get you your t-shirt after the event.
Registration costs:
$20 - white, navy or coral t-shirt - if postmarked by June 30th
$25 - white, navy or coral t-shirt - available on a first come, first served basis after June 30th
$15 - Penguin Trot if postmarked by April 1st  - white t-shirts only - includes door prize entry
$15 - Penguin Trot after June 30th  - no t-shirt guaranteed - all kids receive a door prize regardless of when registrered
 Click here for our 2020 registration form.

With area events cancelling all around us, we came to the gut-wrenching decision that we will not be able to host our ‘normal’ event. THAT WON’T STOP US! My family, board members and volunteers are determined to make a modified event happen. This in some ways will put a lot more on our shoulders, but we are willing to take on the added challenge because mental health awareness is so important and we want to bring a little sunshine into your summer. This post may get a little long, so bear with me while I walk you through all the changes we made with your safety and CDC guidelines in mind. We will follow all up to date CDC recommendations in regards to social distancing throughout all areas of our updated event and ask that you all do the same.

  • Our event will now be a SELF-GUIDED WALK or VIRTUAL RUN/WALK at a location of your choice. We will not be utilizing the inside of St. Boniface or our normal course since it would be too hard to monitor social distancing. We instead will be placing our memory signs along St. Boniface’s sidewalks and throughout the town of Cold Spring. (If we receive approval for use of the track behind the DEF building and Assumption Path – both are behind the church – we will place signs there as well.) Memory signs will be up from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The finish line & photo back drop will be in the area behind St. Boniface church for any picture taking opportunity you wish. Facebook frames will be created for any of you doing the virtual walk/run and want to post your pictures to social media.
  • If you are willing to place a few signs in your yard, please email and we can either have them ready for you at early packet pick-up or drop them off at your residence on July 31st.
  • Non event day packet pick-up at the Robbins’s residence (335 11th Ave S – Cold Spring) will be extended in a major way. For appointment front door pickup call Kathy @ 320-250-8892.

                        Saturday & Sunday, July 25th & 26th 9:00 a.m. – noon – outside pick-up

                        Mon. – Wednesday, July 27th – 29th 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. – front door pick-up by appointment

                        Monday – Wednesday, July 27th – 29th 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. – outside pick-up

                        After-event April 2nd – 6th – front door pick-up by appointment

  • Event day packet pick-up will be behind St. Boniface church from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • We added a priority shipping item to our registration page. If you are doing the virtual option and would like your shirts shipped, just add this to your cart. There will be two levels $9.00 for up to 3 shirts and $16 for 4 shirts & up or any order containing a sweatshirt. Please remember that the shipping fee that shows on the checkout page is actually the PayPal processing fee. All shipping orders will be taken to the post office on July 25th so you will receive your shirts before the event.
  • We will not be having a door prize drawing for the 2.2-mile walk/run, but would never dream of having our Penguin Trotters miss out on their door prize. Door prizes for them will now be inside their packets. Penguin Trot medals will also be in their packets inside a sealed envelope. Wherever you decide to participate, we hope you can make this fun for them and give them their medal for a job well done! It’s also a great opportunity to start those conversations about mental health with all the littles in your life.
  • Our silent auction will now be held online from Thursday, July 23rd – Thursday, July 30th at 8:00 p.m. You can access the silent auction at The auction is set up, but it may take a few days to get the items posted.  If you would like to donate something for the silent auction, we are still accepting donations. You can pick up your silent auction items on Saturday, August 1st from 8:00 a.m. – noon behind St. Boniface church or at the Robbins’ residence after the event by appointment. I am also willing to meet in St. Cloud one evening after the event if needed.
  • As of now, the bake sale is still on. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines regarding this closer to the event and cancel this portion if required.
  • All areas set up behind St. Boniface will have hand sanitizer available.
  • We will be asking businesses, participants and the general public to place a yellow sun in their window the week of our event showing their support for mental health awareness.  I will be uploading one here closer to the event that you can print off.

We could have never imagined that we would find it necessary to make all these changes and we know it won’t be the same without being crowded together in the street. I know personally I am going to miss giving and receiving all those wonderful hugs. I think this can still be pretty amazing! This event has grown like we could never have imagined and I’m hoping we can still generate some amazing participation. Standing tall and fighting the good fight to raise awareness and let people know they are not alone in their struggle or their grief is probably even more important in this challenging time. We hope you still choose to participate in the way you see fit and get those mental health conversations going. We are not in this alone! Much love to you all!!

Look for rocks around town with LTSS on the back :)

We are always looking for sponsors, if you would like to sponsor our event or know of someone who might be willing to be a sponsor, please email for sponsorship opportunities.  You can also click here for our 2020 sponsorship letter.
If you know anyone who would like to donate a door prize or item for the silent auction, you can access the request letter COMING SOON.