Course Info. & Paper Registration

Why a 2.2 miler?  Since Jonathon died at the age of 22 we thought this would be one more unique way to honor him.  We are hoping it will inspire all of you who feel a little intimidated by the traditional 5K to come and participate.  There will be no individual timing of this event, but we will have the big timing clock at the finish for you runners who want to monitor your time.  The less money we spend on renting timing equipment allows us to give that much more money towards research.  We are hoping many runners as well as walkers will help us make this event a huge success!  We will also be holding a .4 mile ‘Penguin Trot’ fun run for the kids.
                                        Jonathon running Grandma's marathon in 2007
Early registration helps us tremendously with our planning and t-shirt order.  If you are concerned about registering early and then not being able to make it, just remember your money is going to a great cause and we will work something out with you to get you your t-shirt after the event.
Registration costs:
$20 - white, navy or coral t-shirt - if postmarked by April 1st - includes door prize entry
$25 - white, navy or coral t-shirt - available on a first come, first served basis after April 1st - no door prize entry
$15 - Penguin Trot if postmarked by April 1st  - white t-shirts only - includes door prize entry
$15 - Penguin Trot after April 1st or event day registration - no t-shirt guaranteed - all kids receive a door prize regardless of when registrered
$10 - purchase a sign in honor of a loved one to be placed along route - signs from previous years will be put out year after year.  Limit of 10 signs per person along course.
Click here for our 2020 registration form.
We are always looking for sponsors, if you would like to sponsor our event or know of someone who might be willing to be a sponsor, please email for sponsorship opportunities.  You can also click here for our 2020 sponsorship letter.
If you know anyone who would like to donate a door prize or item for the silent auction, you can access the request letter COMING SOON.